TutorBloom Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 24, 2021

This page describes the TutorBloom privacy policy in plain English. It is subject to change without notice, so please check back occasionally if you have concerns.

1 Collection of personal information

When you sign up to use TutorBloom, you provide certain personal information voluntarily. This may include any or all of the following:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Location (city, state, ZIP/postal code, time zone)
  • Age range
  • Sex
  • Whether you've taken and passed a background check
  • Social media profile information (e.g., sign-ins based on social media accounts)
  • User photos
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Payment information

We collect and use this personal information to support the basic operation of the service. For example, the process of matching learners to tutors requires collecting personal information of the sort above and sharing some of it (for instance, names, photos, reviews and ratings) with other users of the service. We do not share e-mail addresses, phone numbers or payment information between users.

2 Sharing of personal information with third parties

In certain cases we share personal information with third parties to support our marketing efforts. Specifically:

  • We use MailChimp to publish newsletters, so we share user names and e-mail addresses with MailChimp. Please see the MailChimp Privacy Policy for more information on how MailChimp uses this data.
  • We use Disqus as a comment engine for our blog. Disqus collects non-personally identifiable user interest data when you interact with their comment engine, and by default they sell this information to third parties for advertising purposes. Note that Disqus provides the option to opt out of selling your data at the bottom of the Disqus comment widget on the blog pages: simply click "Do Not Sell My Data". You can also opt out on the Disqus site itself. See the Disqus Privacy Policy for more information on how Disqus uses your data.
  • We use AddThis to allow TutorBloom users to share certain pages of the site on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth). AddThis collects data that may indirectly identify you, and by default they sell this information to third parties. Note that AddThis allows you to opt out of targeted advertising and also to opt out of their selling your personal data. Please see the AddThis Privacy Policy for more information on the data that AddThis collects and how AddThis uses your data.

TutorBloom itself never sells personal information to third parties.

3 User tracking

TutorBloom employs user tracking for a number of purposes. This section explains what we collect in this context, why we do it, and how we use the data.

3.1 User analytics

To better understand the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and the way users use our service, we use third-party site analytics tools to track on-site behaviors. The data we collect for this purpose is of an aggregate nature. We can see, for example, how many users came to the site by directly typing "tutorbloom.com" in the browser address bar vs. how many clicked on a social media link. We can see how many users come from Phoenix vs. Los Angeles.

3.2 Fraud detection and prevention

TutorBloom is a marketplace service, and as such, we employ fraud detection procedures to prevent certain types of fraud that sometimes occur on marketplace services, such as fake ratings, fake reviews and fraudulent payments. These procedures necessarily involve per-user tracking. For obvious reasons we can't share the exact procedures here, but we use this data only for fraud detection and prevention.

3.3 Customer support

We log user actions on the site on a per-user basis so we can provide customer support in the event that something goes wrong, such as a user being unable to sign in or having problems messaging a tutor.

4 User messages

TutorBloom includes a messaging system that allows tutors and learners to communicate with one another. Please be aware that user messages are not private in an absolute sense: while in general we don't read them, there are certain limited situations in which we do read user messages or else share them with law enforcement. The situations are as follows:

  • We read messages to investigate reported violations of the TutorBloom Terms of Service.
  • We share messages with law enforcement upon lawful demand (e.g., legal subpoena).

Additionally, the TutorBloom search engine algorithm uses message metadata (sender, receiver, message timestamps) as a factor for ranking tutors. The algorithm does not inspect message contents.

5 Questions and feedback

You may have questions or concerns that this privacy policy fails to address. In that case, please contact us so we can answer any questions/concerns and update this privacy policy as necessary. Our goal is complete transparency around what we collect, why we collect it and how we use it.