Getting Started with TutorBloom

For new TutorBloom tutors

This step-by-step guide helps tutors get up to speed on using TutorBloom to connect with learners.

1 Plan your business

Choose your subjects, availability, rate, and so forth.

2 Create your profile

Create your TutorBloom profile to let people know what you offer.

3 Share your profile on social media

Share your profile on social media and wherever there are potential learners.

4 Prepare for learners

Be ready for learners to contact you. Brush up on useful tutoring strategies in the meantime.

5 Discuss your learner's needs

Once a learner contacts you, work with him or her to determine whether there's a match.

6 Book a session

After you and your learner determine there's a likely match, book your session.

7 Conduct your session

Conduct your session with your learner, either virtually or in person.

8 Collect payment

Coordinate with your learner to collect payment.

Plan your business

Step 1. Plan your business

You've taken the first step. You're building a business. What now? What are you going to teach? When? Where? Before you build your profile and commit, there are some things to figure out:

  • What subjects can you teach?
  • Can you tutor online or in-person?
  • What is your availability?
  • What is your hourly rate?

See our blog post How to launch your new private tutoring business for more ideas on what you'll want to consider as you get started.

In addition to the above, you will want to familiarize yourself with several key TutorBloom resources:

Finally, please acquaint yourself with our TutorBloom Safety Tips. This is important not only for your own safety, but also so you can be properly empathetic to any safety concerns your learners might have.

Create your profile

Step 2. Create your profile

Your profile pic and your bio are the first things a learner sees, and this is the first opportunity to introduce yourself and create a connection. You can

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Write your bio
  • List the subjects you tutor
  • List your qualifications
  • Describe your availability (both time and location)
  • State your hourly rate
In the near future, TutorBloom will allow tutors with paid subscriptions to get background checks, and also to accept ratings and reviews from learners. These will show up on your profile as well, and give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other tutors.
Share your profile

Step 3. Share your profile on social media

Once you have created your profile, you can get the word out by sharing it through social media and elsewhere. This helps you connect with learners who would benefit from your services. Your profile is a powerful marketing tool, and we encourage you to share it on a regular and ongoing basis.

Prepare for learners

Step 4. Prepare for learners

Learners come with a wide range of needs. They have questions related to specific texts or even teachers. They have gaps in knowledge that might span years. They have questions that no one can be prepared for. Knowing what questions to ask at the beginning of a session can save you both time and frustration. Collecting online texts and other resources can give you a head start.

Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Set your short and long term goals for what you want to accomplish.
  • Decide if you want to work virtually, in-person or both and 1-on-1 or in group.
  • Download and test the software or apps you will use (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams).
  • Arrange your quiet, distraction-free workspace or scope out possible tutoring spaces in your area for in-person.

Additionally, here are some resources we've created to help you prepare:

Discuss your learner's needs

Step 5. Discuss your learner's needs

TutorBloom allows learners to contact you through our built-in messaging system. (To protect user privacy—both yours and the learner's—initial communications occur through the messaging system.) This allows you get a better sense for the learner's needs and whether you can fulfill them.

This is a great time to ask questions about your learner's background, goals and expectations.

It's also important to share your own background, goals and expectations. Discuss these with the learner, or the learner's parent if the learner is a minor. Regarding expectations, some of the topics you might address are timeliness, resources, outcomes, video conferencing tools for online sessions, and how you would like to be paid (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).

See our blog post How to respond to a tutoring request for more information.

Book a session

Step 6. Book a session

After you and your learner decide to move forward, your learner can use TutorBloom to schedule a session with you. You will need to accept the tutoring request, or else propose an alternate time and/or location.

Set realistic goals for the first meeting, and consider making it a short, free "getting to know you" session so that you and the learner can more easily determine if you are compatible.

Conduct your session

Step 7. Conduct your session

This is where the magic happens. Find a quiet workspace and conduct your session.

Especially during your earlier sessions, it's important to be deliberate about establishing a relationship with your learner, as this builds a foundation for rapport and success. For example, you can start by learning the proper pronunciation of your learner's name, school subjects they enjoy, and preferences for learning. See Building trusting tutoring relationships for ideas on how to do this.

Collect payment

Step 8. Collect payment

TutorBloom does not offer a built-in payment processing option at this time. This means that you and your learner will need to handle payments on your own. TutorBloom does not collect a fee for payments you handle in this fashion.

In the future, we plan to offer a payment processing option for tutors who prefer a simpler payment experience through TutorBloom itself. This option will be valuable for learners who are unfamiliar with or reluctant to use third-party payment services, and prefer paying you through the TutorBloom site. There will be a small fee to use this optional service.