Frequently Asked Questions

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Technology Questions about the tech required to use TutorBloom
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How can I be notified when there's an update to the site?

TutorBloom sends a monthly newsletter to all users who have signed up for it. The newsletter keeps users apprised of current news, work in progress, and upcoming events to look for. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How do I connect with a tutor or learner on the site?

Learners can use the Tutor Search feature to search for tutors by subject area, physical location, available times, ratings and price, among other criteria. When selecting a tutor from your search, you will be able to contact them to arrange an initial meeting.

To protect learners from unsolicited requests, there is no way for tutors to search for or initiate communications with learners. All communications begin with the learner.

I need help with something. How can I get support?

These FAQs are a great place to start. If you're not finding what you need, please contact us.


I'm totally new to tutoring. How do I get started?

Please start with our blog post, How to launch your new private tutoring business. It describes common topics that any new tutor will want to consider.

Someone just asked me to be their tutor. Now what?

Congratulations! That's exciting. We have a blog post that explains in detail how to respond to a tutoring request.

Are TutorBloom tutors employees of TutorBloom?

TutorBloom tutors are independent contractors providing tutorial services directly to the learners they serve. Tutors are not employees of TutorBloom LLC, nor are they contractors of TutorBloom LLC. They are simply users of the TutorBloom marketplace. The time, location, rate and manner of each session is entirely between the tutor and learner.

I'm a TutorBloom tutor. Am I allowed to be a tutor on other tutoring platforms?

Absolutely! As noted above, we're not your employer. There's nothing to stop you from using other platforms that you find useful.

Having said that, we strive to provide a one-stop service for your tutoring needs. If there's something we can do to improve your experience, please reach out.


I've forgotten my username. How do I recover it?

We have a form to help you recover your username.

I've forgotten my password. How do I recover or reset it?

You can't recover your password, because for security reasons, we don't know it! But you can reset your password.


What are the basic computer requirements I need to be able to tutor or access a tutor through the web site?

If you are scheduling an online session with a learner, you will need to make sure you have a stable Internet connection and have an account with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or another video conferencing platform that allows for video and audio sharing. Be sure to coordinate with your tutor or learner on the software since you will need to be using the same thing.

We recommend that you create your account ahead of time so that you know how to send invites, accept users, and do minor troubleshooting for audio/video connections and screen sharing.

Does TutorBloom offer a technology package that includes video conferencing or file-sharing apps?

We do not. TutorBloom provides marketplace services, which includes creating and managing profiles, and helping tutors and learners find one another. Users need to obtain video conferencing and file-sharing apps on their own. See the links in the previous questions for some options.

Can I do video conferencing on my mobile phone?

While it is possible to do video conferencing a mobile phone as a tutor or a learner, we don't recommend this unless it is your only video conferencing platform. It's better to have a large screen to share what you're doing.

I have accessibility needs, and use special equipment and/or software on my computer. How do I ensure that my tutors or learners can support my needs?

Be sure to list any specialized equipment, software or apps you use in your TutorBloom profile. This will allow your tutors or learners to know in advance. We also recommend arranging an initial "technology" meeting to ensure that the technology works as expected.

Additionally, it is helpful to work in a space where lighting is in front of you so your face is clear and easy to see. Your space should be isolated from as much background noise as possible. Turn down nearby TVs and music, and close windows if outside noise is an issue.

Privacy and Safety

What information does TutorBloom collect about me, and how does TutorBloom use it?

Thank you for asking—this is important to us. We've written a Privacy Policy to answer this question. If it doesn't answer your question, please contact us so we can answer your question and update the Privacy Policy as appropriate.

Is TutorBloom safe? Where can I learn more about how to protect myself?

As with anything that involves meeting people you don't know, whether in person or online, you can reduce your risk by exercising normal caution. We've compiled a list of safety tips to help you think through some of the risks and how to mitigate them.

How old do I have to be to use TutorBloom?

You must be at least 18 years old to create a TutorBloom account. If you need tutoring but you are younger than 18 years old, please have your parent or legal guardian create an account and arrange your tutoring sessions for you.