About TutorBloom

TutorBloom was born of the widening education divide created during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Learning loss and an increasing need for emotional support during a socioeconomic downturn affected everyone. The need to do something was great. We wanted to make a difference. Now was the time.

Collectively our team includes educators, technologists and life-long friends. Each of us brings different strengths to this effort. We are all committed to bettering ourselves, our community and our world, and we believe that education is the key.

Personal tutoring is often the difference between academic success and failure. Personalization of learning, development of relationships, and partnerships between learners, families and educational support teams positively impact learners far beyond the classroom. It empowers learners to believe in themselves, drives them towards their dreams and equips with them with the tools they need to reach beyond.

Our vision is to create a platform for learners and tutors to connect. We respect the work that tutors do and their potential to make a difference in the lives of learners. This community allows tutors to showcase their talents, support learners and to build their business. We also want to give learners a wide selection of qualified tutors from which to get academic support.

The power lies with tutors and learners working together. This partnership will create opportunities for all to succeed, flourish and — bloom.